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Specialist Transport Ticket and Label Auctions

The NOT SOLD lots are available to purchase at the reserve price shown in the table below. Please telephone us on 01234 327685 to reserve items and forward a cheque for the appropiate amount (plus agreed sum for postage & packing). Items will be forwarded on receipt of cheque. This service is operated purely on a “first come, first served” basis and is at the auctioneer’s discretion.

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18BIRMINGHAM CENTRAL TRAMWAYS COMPANY LIMITED CABLE ROUTE light brown 1d punch type TRAM TICKET covering 4 named stages. This concern was taken over by the City of Birmingham Tramways Co. on 29/9/1896. (1)Call
100GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY 1st single Paddington to Maidenhead, with rubber stamp “Return” on the face. Dated 26/5/1875, and in VGC. (1)Call
208BIRCH BROS LTD. A selection of 18 unused BUS TICKETS from Route BK (London – Hitchin – Bedford – Rushden – Kettering), 9 of which are for specific journeys, the others being Duplex “fareboard” issues with a fold over detachable portion to be retained by the conductor (one ticket is displayed showing both sides). The tickets bear Bell Punch imprints between C1608 and D6970, which dates them as being printed from late 1935 to 1939. The tickets were withdrawn in early 1942 when the route became 203. (18)Call
228LIVERPOOL OVERHEAD RAILWAY CO (TRAMWAYS) named stage punch type TRAM TICKETS comprising 1d white (excess paper back) and 1½d light brown – both covering multiple stages – and a 2d pink available between Great Crosby and Seaforth Sands Station. (3)Call
280LM&SR T1A PLATFORM TICKET from Rochdale A, together with T2B issues from Hamilton Central A and St. Pancras B. (3)Call
358GREAT EASTERN LONDON MOTOR OMNIBUS CO. LTD. 1d named stage punch type BUS TICKETS with red “B”, and “G” overprints (the former has a little damage to its face, while the latter is a longer print), together with an emergency 1d issue with stage letters. The tickets in this lot are different from those offered in Lot 26. (3)Call