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Specialist Transport Ticket and Label Auctions

The NOT SOLD lots are available to purchase at the reserve price shown in the table below. Please telephone us on 01234 327685 to reserve items and forward a cheque for the appropiate amount (plus agreed sum for postage & packing). Items will be forwarded on receipt of cheque. This service is operated purely on a “first come, first served” basis and is at the auctioneer’s discretion.

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Not Sold Lots are available until 6-Aug-13.

3GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY MOTOR OMNIBUSES 1/6d buff geographical punch type BUS TICKET from Helston to The Lizard (for Kynance Cove) in excellent condition. Advert for Kynance Cove Hotel on back. (1)£75Lot 3
67LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY 1st class Sgl Stockbridge to Andover Junc (dated 8/8/1898) in VGC. (1)£100 
150FRESHWATER YARMOUTH & NEWPORT RAILWAY issued 3rd Sgl Yarmouth to Newport (dated 5/7/1903) in immaculate condition. (1)£150Lot 150
179PLATFORM TICKETS FROM THE SMEETH TO FOLKESTONE LINE: SR T1 Red Blob: Smeeth, Westenhanger, Westenhanger DO; T3 Red Diamond: Folkestone Junc № 2, Shorncliffe № 1; BR(S) 1d Red Diamond (Trans-name at base): Folkestone Cen № 1, Folkestone Junc № 1 and № 2, Sandling Junction; BR(S) 1d Red Diamond (Rly Exec conditions): Folkestone Jc № 1, Shorncliffe № 1 (2 different); BR(S) 1d Red Diamond (BTC conditions): Folkestone Cen № 3; BTC(S) 1d Red Diamond: Folkestone Jc № 1 and № 2; BTC(S) 2d Red Diamond: Folkestone East № 2, Shorncliffe № 3; BRB(S) Red Diamond: Folkestone Central № 2, Sandling for Hythe, Westenhanger. (20)£75 
216LONDON SOUTHERN TRAMS Co 1d cream geographical punch type TRAM TICKET for the route Vauxhall or Brixton Road – Norwood Cemetery. Note: this ticket has different fare stages to the ticket offered in our April 2013 auction. VGC. (1)£50Lot 216
252LSWR issued 2nd class Sgl from Waterloo to Totland Via Lymington Pier (dated 26/3/1902). A journey via a long defunct railway steamer. VGC. (1)£50Lot 252
441LCC & LPTB 1/- All Day TRAM TICKETS comprising two LCC for August 1932 (centre crease) and January 1933 (rather grubby), plus 18 LPTB types for 1936, 1937 (7), 1938 (4), 1939 (3), 1940, 1941, 1942. Condition mostly good. (20)£40 
465IRISH RAILWAYS SEVERED HALVES. Approx 1,000 halves from 18 different companies dating from pre-Grouping to post-Nationalisation including 13 DW&WR, 14 DN&GR, 17 LMS-NCC, 24 GNRB, 30 NIR, 68 CIE, 75 GNR(I), 135 GSR and 450 UTA. (Qty)£50