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Specialist Transport Ticket and Label Auctions

The NOT SOLD lots are available to purchase at the reserve price shown in the table below. Please telephone us on 01234 327685 to reserve items and forward a cheque for the appropiate amount (plus agreed sum for postage & packing). Items will be forwarded on receipt of cheque. This service is operated purely on a “first come, first served” basis and is at the auctioneer’s discretion.

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Not Sold Lots are available until 6-May-14.

185LONDON BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY T2 1d BEAM PLATFORM TICKET: Victoria № 3 (date unclear) in VGC. (1)£40Lot 185
201LAMBOURN VALLEY RAILWAY undated 2nd class Sgl from Boxford to Newbury in excellent condition. The branch closed on 4/1/1960. (1)£80Lot 201
211NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY issued blank Dog Sgl from Aberlady (closed 12/9/1932) made out to Edinburgh @ (dated 12/9/1903) in excellent condition. (1)£80Lot 211
229MANCHESTER CARRIERS. A selection of PARCELS STAMPS from Manchester Corporation Tramways comprising a Williamson printed 2d red from the early 1930s, Manchester Corporation Transport Bell Punch printed 9d green and 1/-d blue, a Sutton & Co 3d blue, plus four NEWSPAPER STAMPS from Blackpool Corporation Tramways comprising 4d, 6d and 8d dating from the 1933-1949 period when W Luff was General Manager and a later post-1949 2d red when JC Franklin was General Manager. All except the Blackpool examples have been used. (8)£50Lot 229
249CALEDONIAN RAILWAY issued 3rd class Sgl from Cramond Brig to Edinburgh (dated 4/4/1897) in VGC. Cramond Brig was renamed Barnton on 1/4/1903 and closed 5/7/1951. (1)£70Lot 249
269MIDLAND GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY IRELAND 1d yellow LUGGAGE DEPOSIT OFFICE LABEL printed in the form of a stamp and serially numbered in good condition apart from a central fold which is a little fragile. The MGWR was absorbed into the Great Southern Railway in 1924 which later became part of the Nationalised CIE. (1)£15Lot 269
321LAMBOURN VALLEY RAILWAY issued 2nd class Sgl from Stockross to Newbury (dated 30/5/1904) in excellent condition. Stockross was renamed Stockross & Bagnor Halt on 9/7/1934 and closed with the rest of the line on 4/1/1960). (1)£90Lot 321
430NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY 3rd class Sgl from Selkirk (closed 10/9/1951) to Galashiels (dated 30/8/1893) in excellent condition. (1)£60Lot 430
494BUS & RAIL DELVERS DELIGHT. A large box filled with mostly modern BR tickets including many APTIS and SPORTIS issues. The bus tickets seem to be of the modern type, but earlier punch types have come to light. They all appear to be from British operators. Probably well over 3,000 items in this lot. (Qty)£30