Paddington Ticket Auction: Rail & Road Tickets, 25 January 2020

1.Cheadle Railway
Cheadle Railway. A blank card single from Cheadle (Staffs.). The company was absorbed by the North Staffordshire Railway on 1 January 1907.

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Lot 1
2.Manchester & Milford, etc.

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Lot 2
3.LMS East London

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Lot 3
4.LSWR, St Malo, Bude, etc.

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Lot 4
5.LNWR Bucks, Northants

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Lot 5
6.Highland, Lairg, Kildary, etc.

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Lot 6
7.South Eastern Railway, Untitled

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Lot 7
8.North Staffs Rly

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Lot 8
9.Garstang & Knott End, Dog
Garstang & Knott End Railway. The first example seen of a dog ticket from this company, which was bought by the Knott End Railway with effect from 1 July 1908.

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Lot 9
10.Shropshire & Monts Dog
Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway. Again, the first dog ticket seen from the company; the simple design suggests a flat fare over the full length of the line.

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Lot 10
11.GCR, Ryhill, etc.

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Lot 11
12.GWR, Glos, Wilts, etc.

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Lot 12
13.Tottenham & Hampstead

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Lot 13
14.LSWR, East Horsley

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Lot 14
15.Wrexham, Mold & CQ, 1868
Wrexham, Mold & Connah's Quay Railway. A second class single of the 1860s from Wrexham to Gwersyllt. The company was vested in the Great Central Railway on 1 January 1905.

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Lot 15
16.SMJR, Wappenham

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Lot 16
17.LBSC & Dyke, Dog
London, Brighton & South Coast Railway. A dog ticket from Hove to The Dyke with the through booking title of L. B. & S.C. & BTN. & DYKE RYS.

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Lot 17
18.LNER, Lincs, Norfolk

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Lot 18
19.Lancs & Yorks

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Lot 19
20.GWR, Park Royal, etc.

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Lot 20
21.GER Leman St, etc.

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Lot 21
22.LNWR, Early Singles

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Lot 22
23.GNSR Cults, etc.

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Lot 23
24.BR (Eastern)

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Lot 24
25.Midland Rly Acton

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Lot 25
26.S&DJR, Bath

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Lot 26
27.LSWR, Tisted, Kingsley

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Lot 27
28.Welsh Pre Group

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Lot 28
29.GWR Wales

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Lot 29
30.LSWR, Gosport Road
London & South Western Railway. A second class blank card single from Gosport Road, closed on 1 November 1915, together with a third class single from Gosport to Bournemouth West.

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Lot 30
31.Cornwall Minerals Rly
Cornwall Minerals Railway. An Edmondson proof third class blank card from Par, thought to date from before the working arrangement made with the Great Western Railway on 1 October 1877.

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Lot 31
32.LTSR, 1872

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Lot 32
33.SMJR, Dog

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Lot 33
34.GN&GE Joint

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Lot 34

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Lot 35
36.LNER, Ex GC Main Line

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Lot 36
37.Freshwater, Yarmouth & Npt, Dog

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Lot 37
38.Rye & Camber, Dog

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Lot 38
39.LNWR Early Singles

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Lot 39
40.East Kent Rly

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Lot 40
41.BR, Scottish

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Lot 41
42.GNR, Doncaster Races

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Lot 42
43.LNER North East

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Lot 43
44.Weston, Clevedon & P'head

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Lot 44
45.North British

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Lot 45
46.Ryde, Newport & Cowes Rly
Ryde, Newport & Cowes Railway. A second class single from Newport to Ryde Pier Gates, with the operating title used by the Ryde & Newport & Cowes & Newport Joint Committee. The R&NR and C&NR amalgamated with the Isle of Wight (Newport Junction) Railway on 1 July 1887 to form the Isle of Wight Central Railway.

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Lot 46
47.Inverness & Pert Jct
Inverness & Perth Junction Railway. A Parliamentary single from Aviemore to Struan. After amalgamation with the Inverness & Aberdeen Junction Railway the combined organisation adopted the Highland Railway name as from 29 June 1865.

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Lot 47
48.Lambourn Valley Ry

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Lot 48
49.North London, etc.

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Lot 49
50.LMS Scottish

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Lot 50
51.West Riding Rly

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Lot 51
52.Port of London Authority

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Lot 52
53.Monkland Ry, Caldercruix

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Lot 53
54.LCDR, Blackfriars Bridge
London, Chatham & Dover Railway. A third class single from Blackfriars Bridge. Located just south of the River Thames, the station closed on 1 October 1885.

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Lot 54
55.Isle of Wight

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Lot 55
56.BR, Sothern & Western

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Lot 56
57.GNR, St Albans Area

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Lot 57
58.Maryport & Cleator & Workington

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Lot 58
59.Glasgow, Barrhead & Kilmarnock

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Lot 59
60.MR to Hendon Factory Platform
Midland Railway. A single coupon workman's return to Hendon Factory Platform. The platform opened on 19 May 1918 to serve the factories of two aircraft companies and is thought to have closed some time in 1919.

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Lot 60
61.Campbeltown & Machrihanish

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Lot 61
62.Colne Valley, Haverhill

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Lot 62
63.Taff Vale, Barry

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Lot 63
64.North Wales Narrow Gauge

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Lot 64
65.Ryde Pier / Steamers

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Lot 65
66.LYR Early Singles

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Lot 66
67.BR, Western

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Lot 67
68.LNWR North Wales

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Lot 68
69.LCDR Boro Road, etc.

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Lot 69
70.Cumbria, Pre-Group

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Lot 70
71.GER, East London

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Lot 71
72.Mid Suffolk Light

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Lot 72
73.GER Early 1st Singles

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Lot 73
74.Severn & Wye, Taff Vale, GWR

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Lot 74
75.LMS, Scottish

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Lot 75
76.Southwold Rly

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Lot 76
77.Brigham, Untitled
Cockermouth & Workington Railway. An untitled first class return (single coupon) from Brigham to Workington. The company was absorbed by the L&NWR by an Act of 16 July 1866.

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Lot 77
78.Snowdon Mt Tramroad

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Lot 78
79.LSWR Mortlake 1858
London & South Western Railway. An early first class single from Mortlake to Barnes. The LSWR stopped printing destination numbers on tickets in 1866/7.

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Lot 79
80.Glasgow South Western

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Lot 80
81.Great Central Types

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Lot 81
82.Gt Northern

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Lot 82
83.LSWR, Dorset

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Lot 83
84.Milwall Docks Co

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Lot 84
85.SR, Singleton

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Lot 85
86.Highland, Muir of Ord

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Lot 86
87.Corris Rly

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Lot 87
88.West London Extn

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Lot 88
89.SR Home Counties

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Lot 89
90.LNWR North Wales

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Lot 90
91.GW&Met, Madame Tussauds
Great Western & Metropolitan Railways (Joint). A second class child single from Hammersmith to Baker Street including admission to Madame Tussaud's Exhibition.

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Lot 91
92.Glasgow & Paisley Jt

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Lot 92
93.Military Camp, etc.

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Lot 93
94.Midland, London

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Lot 94

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Lot 95
96.GNR, Yaxley, etc.

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Lot 96
97.N'ton & Banbury Jct, 2nd

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Lot 97
98.Weymouth & Portland
Weymouth & Portland Railway. A second class single and a bicycle ticket; the W&PR title was superseded by 'GW & L&SW Railways' in mid-1902.

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Lot 98
99.SECR, Cheap Train

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Lot 99
100.Waterford & Tramore

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Lot 100
101.LNER, West Finchley Opening Day

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Lot 101
102.LNWR Types

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Lot 102
103.GER Early Singles

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Lot 103
104.GWR Pre-Group

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Lot 104
105.Swindon, Marlborough & Andover Ry
Swindon, Marlborough & Andover Railway. A Parliamentary single from Swindon, New Town to Chiseldon. The company was the major constituent of the Midland & South Western Junction Railway when this was formed on 23 June 1884.

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Lot 105
106.GNSR, Rothiemay, etc.

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Lot 106
107.GNR, The Hale

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Lot 107
108.SER / SECR, etc.

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Lot 108
109.Cork, Bandon & South Coast Rejoined Halves

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Lot 109
110.Jersey Railway

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Lot 110
111.North Staffs, Mow Cop, etc.

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Lot 111
112.Southern Railway Variety

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Lot 112
113.GWR London Area

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Lot 113
114.LSWR Shaftsbury Road

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Lot 114
115.Highland Ry, Tain + Wick

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Lot 115
116.MR Govt Class
Midland Railway. An early Government class single from Bradford to Ripon with the company's monogram on the back, but in fair condition only.

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Lot 116
117.South Eastern + LCDR

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Lot 117
118.London & India Dock Co

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Lot 118
119.BR, West Highland & Oban

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Lot 119

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Lot 120
121.MSLR Worksop, etc.

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Lot 121
122.LMS London Transitionals

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Lot 122
123.Wirral Railway

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Lot 123
124.LBSCR Early Singles

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Lot 124
125.LNER Variety

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Lot 125
126.Tasmanian Gov't Ry
Tasmanian Edmondsons. Two special issues to Elwick and Kempton Racecourses dated 1893 and titled 'TGR & E Rys'; first and second class singles issued in 1901 and an unused second class return with the 'TGR' title and a severed half from the Tasmania Main Line Railway ('T.M.L.R.') dated 1893.

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Lot 126
127.Isle of Wight Rly

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Lot 127
128.Platforms, LYR, GW&LNW, etc.

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Lot 128
129.Platforms, SECR Margate Sands

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Lot 129
130.Platforms, London Termini

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Lot 130
131.Platforms, GWR Ilfracombe, etc.

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Lot 131
132.Platforms, Met LNE Croxley Green, etc.

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Lot 132
133.Platforms, Southern Railway

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Lot 133
134.Platforms, Marylebone

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Lot 134
135.Platforms, LBSCR East Croydon

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Lot 135
136.Platforms, North London, Bow

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Lot 136
137.Platforms, Met & GC, Wendover

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Lot 137
138.Platforms, LSWR, Wimbledon

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Lot 138
139.Platforms, LNWR, Lancaster, Crewe

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Lot 139
140.Platforms, Caly, Glasgow, Royal Visit

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Lot 140
141.Platforms, LNER Highgate

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Lot 141
142.Platforms, M&GC, Harrow on the Hill

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Lot 142
143.Platforms, District, Blackfriars

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Lot 143
144.Platforms, BR / BTC 1d
Also, BR 1d, Leeds City (No 3), Kings Cross (A), St Pancras (B), Edge Hill, Eastbourne (No 3), Blackpool North, BTC 1d, Darlington Bank Top, Cricklewood, Cheshunt, Brondesbury, Bishops Stortford (UO), Bethnal Green, Slough (1), Hornsey, Hertford East, BTC 2d, Dundee West, Darlington North Road, Broadstone, Normanton, Hawkhurst. (40)

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Lot 144
145.Platforms, BTC 2d Eastern
Also, BTC 2d, Thorpe Bay, Witham, Brentwood & Warley, Bruce Grove, Chingford, Enfield Chase, Fenchurch St (John St), Finsbury Park (HL3), Gordon Hill, Harringay West, Hatfield, Huntingdon (North), Ilford (WO), Leyton Midland Road, Manningtree, March, Newark Northgate, Peterborough East, Royston, Sandy, Shoeburyness, Skegness, Southend on Sea (Victoria), Stamford Hill, Stevenage, Stratford, Upton Park, Walthamstow, Welwyn Garden City (WS), Wood Green Alexandra Park. (40)

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Lot 145
146.Platforms, LMS, BR / BTC
Also, LMS, Manchester Vic A (x2), Prestwich, BR 1d Transitional, Bury Bolton St, Manchester Victoria E, St Pancras (A), Stafford, Stockton, York, BR 1d, Aberdeen (No 1), Arbroath, Bury Bolton St, Edinburgh P. St (No 2), Glasgow Buchanan St, Kilmarnock (BO), Manchester Vic B, South Shields, Free Issues, Nottingham Victoria, Preston, Stockport (Up), Stockport E (Up), BTC 1d, Besses O' Th' Barn, Bridlington (No 2), Bury Bolton Street (x3), Darlington Bank Top, Manchester Victoria, Manchester Victoria A (poor), Saffron Walden. (40)

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Lot 146
147.Platforms, BTC 1d, Eastern
Also, BTC 1d, Upminster Bridge,Wood Green, Alex Pk (PO), Bishops Stortford (BO), Bayford, Benfleet, Bethnal Green, Bromley (No 1), Chalkwell, Cheshunt, Crouch Hill, Enfield Town, Goodmayes, Grantham, Huntingdon North, Ilford WO, London Fields, Lowestoft Central (A), Manor Park, March, Newark Northgate, Plaistow, Retford, Sandy, Scunthorpe & Frodingham, Shenfield & Hutton, Skegness (B), Stratford, Waltham Cross & Abbey (DO),White Hart Lane, Witham. (40)

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Lot 147
148.Platforms, BR, BTC, 1d Eastern
Also, BR 1d Transitional, Becontree, Ipswich (B), Scunthorpe & F'ham, Sheffield Mid (A), Southend-on-Sea Vic, Southminster, BR 1d, Grantham, Grays (No 2), Lincoln Central, Newark Northgate, Norwich Thorpe (B), Spalding Town, West Ham Manor Road, BTC 1d, Bishops Stortford (UO), Bush Hill Park, Colchester (DO) (B), Fenchurch St (John St), Grantham, Harringay (West), Hatfield, Hertford (East), Ilford (EO), Manor Park, March, Marks Tey, Newark (Northgate), Retford, Walton-on-Naze, West Green, Wood Street. (40)

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Lot 148
149.Platforms, LMS
Also, St Pancras (A), Secombe & Egremont (brown), Broad Street, Carlisle No 1, Crewe, (free, brown), Crewe (LMS), Crumpsall, Derby (LMS), Failsworth, Hamilton Central (A), Hindley, Leicester (A), Matlock Bath, Moses Gate, Smethick, South Hampstead. (26)

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Lot 149
150.Platforms, LMS
Also, Skipton, Watford Junc (No 1), Belmont, Buxton, Carlisle (No 1) (M, Crewe Station Entrance, Crewe, Derby, Farnworth & H. Moor, Hamilton (Central), Heaton Park, Hollinwood, Manchester (Vic) (B), Morecambe (Euston Rd), Preston Station (Dining), Sheffield (A). (26)

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Lot 150
151.Platforms, LNER
Also, LNER, Stratford, Woodham Ferrers, Braintree & Bocking, Crews Hill (GN style), Fenchurch St, Hadley Wood, Hebburn, Hockley, Jarrow (N), Kings Cross, Linlithgow (black print), Liverpool St, Mansfield (LNE), Monkwearmouth, Newmarket (DO), North Berwick, Reedham, Silvertown, Waltham Cross & A (DO), Wivenhoe. (30)

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Lot 151
152.Platforms, LNER
Also, LNER, North Walsham, York, Barnard Castle, Brightlingsea, Cambridge Hth, Coatbridge (Sunnyside), Derby (Friargate), Forest Gate (EO), Haiesworth, Kings Cross, Liverpool St, Malden East & Heybridge, Marske, Ponders End, Saffron Walden (black print), Saxmundham, South Tottenham, Three Counties, Wickham Mkt (black print), Woodham Ferrers. (30)

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Lot 152
153.Platforms, GWR
Also, GWR, Southall, Westbury (Wilts), both buff, striped/ coloured examples, Bala, Bourne End, Cardiff Clarence Road, Cogan, Kidder-minster BO, Liskeard Pass, Maidenhead, Paignton, Taunton (D), Torre, also buff, Bristol T M (A), Chippenham (poor), Exeter, Maidenhead A, Oxford U (T), Paddington (2), (4), (7), Taunton (D), Treorchy (U). (32)

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Lot 153
154.Platforms, GWR
Also, GWR, buff, Slough 1, Uxbridge Vine Street, coloured/ striped, Aberystwyth, Bourne End (D), Chepstow, Henley-on- Thames, Machynlleth, Stourbridge Town, Swansea High Street, Pass Bearer, Torquay, Windsor & Eton, buff examples, Bristol T M (D), (H), Chard, Evesham, Kidder-minster, Paddington (1), (3), (5), Swansea High Street (B overprint), Taunton (U), Worcester Shrub Hill (P overprint). (32)

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Lot 154
155.Platforms, SR
Also, SR Type 2, Uckfield, Woodmansterne, Aylesham Halt (DO), Bordon, Bosham, Braunton, Colyton (poor), Crediton, East Brixton, Gomshall & Shere, Grange Road, Grove Ferry, Hellingly, Hollingbourne, Isfield, Kingswood & Burgh H'th, Newick & Chailey, Nutbourne Halt, Sidley, Stone Crossing Halt, Wandsworth Rd (HO), Wilton. (32)

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Lot 155
156.Platforms, SR
Also, SR Type 2, Slinfold, West Hoathly, Ash, Bordon, Bosham, Braunton, Brockley, Clandon, Collington Halt (No 2), Crowthorne, East Brixton, Gomshall & Shere, Hollingbourne, Littleham, Lyndhurst Road, Nutbourne Halt, Ropley, Shawford, Southbourne Halt, Syon Lane, Wandsworth Road, Whitchurch. (32)

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Lot 156
157.LSWR Meyrick Park Halt

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Lot 157
158.Wisbech & Upwell Tramway

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Lot 158
159.S&DJR Highbridge

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Lot 159
160.Midland Rly

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Lot 160
161.BR Western

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Lot 161
162.LSW / LBSC Ryde Steamers

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Lot 162
163.Isle of Wight Central

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Lot 163
164.GWR Pre Group

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Lot 164
165.BR Scottish

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Lot 165
166.LBSCR Crystal Palace

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Lot 166
167.MR Bus, Kettering
Midland Railway. An Edmondson card for the Midland's motor omnibus service between Kettering Station and Rothwell which operated from 1 July 1909 to 26 February 1921.

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Lot 167
168.Highland Rly, Wick, Hoy

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Lot 168
169.Blakesley Miniature Rly

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Lot 169
170.Underground Companies

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Lot 170
171.LSWR Salisbury-Yeovil

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Lot 171
172.GW & Met

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Lot 172
173.Lee on the Solent Railway

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Lot 173

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Lot 174
175.GWR, Wales

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Lot 175
176.Caledonian Railway

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Lot 176
177.Canton-Kowloon Rly

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Lot 177
178.LNWR Harrow 1869/87

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Lot 178
179.LBSCR Lower Norwood
London, Brighton & South Coast Railway. A second class single from Lower Norwood, renamed West Norwood on 1 January 1886.

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Lot 179
180.LYR, GCR, S&MR, West Riding

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Lot 180
181.SR Whitstable Harbour

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Lot 181
182.Midland Hemel Hempsted Branch

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Lot 182
183.North Staffordshire Ry

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Lot 183
184.GER Early Singles

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Lot 184
185.Burton & Ashby Light

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Lot 185
186.LBSCR (11+6)

View Lot 186
Lot 186
187.LMS Advert Inserts

View Lot 187
Lot 187

View Lot 188
Lot 188
189.Platform Ticket, GER Cambridge

View Lot 189
Lot 189
190.S&DJR Bath

View Lot 190
Lot 190
191.LSWR, Gov't Rate Officer

View Lot 191
Lot 191
192.LNER, GER Section

View Lot 192
Lot 192
193.Southern, Isle of Wight

View Lot 193
Lot 193
194.GNR Early Types

View Lot 194
Lot 194
195.Dundee & Arbroath

View Lot 195
Lot 195
196.LBSCR Early Untitled

View Lot 196
Lot 196
197.GER Types

View Lot 197
Lot 197
198.MSLR Brigg, etc.

View Lot 198
Lot 198
199.NBR Borders, etc.

View Lot 199
Lot 199
200.East London Railway

View Lot 200
Lot 200
201.North Staffs 1878 Season

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Lot 201
202.Cranwell Railway
Cranwell Railway. A Royal Navy Officers ticket with a June 1917 print date from this military line branching from the GNR at Sleaford to serve the Royal Naval Air Service base near Cranwell. When the RNAS and the Royal Flying Corps amalgamated on 1 April 1918, ownership of Cranwell passed to the newly created RAF. The branch is recorded as having had a regular passenger service from 1917 to November 1926.

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Lot 202
203.North Staffs 1879 Season

View Lot 203
Lot 203
204.Tollesbury Pier Ticket

View Lot 204
Lot 204
205.LNWR & Caly Season

View Lot 205
Lot 205
206.Highland Composition Ticket

View Lot 206
Lot 206
207.LSWR Hospital Pass

View Lot 207
Lot 207
208.SECR Land Sale

View Lot 208
Lot 208
209.North Staffs Season

View Lot 209
Lot 209
210.Glasgow South Western Season

View Lot 210
Lot 210
211.LNER Punch Tickets
LNER Punch tickets, printed and machine issue. A wide variety from Grimsby and Immingham and Essex, Suffolk branches. Some previously mounted, generally good. (46)

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Lot 211
212.LNWR Season

View Lot 212
Lot 212
213.LCDR Season

View Lot 213
Lot 213
214.MSJAR Season

View Lot 214
Lot 214
215.Eastern Counties, etc. Season
Eastern Counties Railway. A handwritten season ticket of 1858 that also covered travel over the lines of several of the companies associated with the ECR.

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Lot 215
216.NER Strensall/Haxby

View Lot 216
Lot 216
217.GWR Coupon Booklets
GWR coupon tour tickets (10) and 5 BR examples, each stapled at the top. (15)

View Lot 217
Lot 217
218.Wolverton & Stoney Stratford Trams
Wolverton & Stony Stratford Tramway. A punch ticket from the period of ownership by the L&NWR, cancelled for the journey from Stony Stratford to Wolverton Station.

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Lot 218
219.LSWR Pass

View Lot 219
Lot 219
220.GWR Railmotor / Excess
GWR railmotor and excess, as shown. Also excess from Tavistock, Westbourne Park, Lyng Halt, Maidenhead and BR Shipton-On-Cherwell. (9)

View Lot 220
Lot 220
221.S&DJR Returns

View Lot 221
Lot 221
222.Lynton & Barnstaple Paper

View Lot 222
Lot 222
223.GNR 1850s Pass

View Lot 223
Lot 223
224.Met & GC, Brill Branch

View Lot 224
Lot 224
225.Wantage Tramway
Also, Wantage Road to Grove Bridge, Wantage and Oxford Lane and Wantage to Wantage Road. Several a little dusty. (6)

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Lot 225
226.Isle of Wight Seasons
Isle of Wight holiday seasons, inc. 1947 1st (map shown), 1938 / 1940 issues, BR 1953 & 1957. Also Southampton / Portsmouth area, SR inc. Gosport, Haylng Island. All issued, two with minor back damage. (11)

View Lot 226
Lot 226
227.Silver Jubilee 2nd Run
LNER, The Silver Jubilee, 1st and 3rd seat reservation tickets, issued for the second up journey, 23rd October 1935. The high serial numbers are explained by advance bookings. (2)

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Lot 227
228.Wisbech & Outwell Tramway

View Lot 228
Lot 228
229.Downham & Stoke Ferry

View Lot 229
Lot 229
230.Tolesbury Light Railway

View Lot 230
Lot 230
231.District Railway Seaons, etc.
Specimen season tickets, leather with gilt lettering. As shown, also LPTB card season from Turnham Green, unused and an LNER weekly Hornsey and Highgate to Kings Cross, issued 1928. (6)

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Lot 231
232.Erith Council Tramways
Erith Council Tramways. Ten examples including an early Williamson print and a 1 1/2 d workman's return. Also, five LPTB Erith area examples c. 1933. (15)

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Lot 232
233.Newcastle Corp Tramways
Newcastle Corporation Tramways. Early geographical tickets. (6)

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Lot 233
234.National Steam Car Co
National Steam Car Co Ltd. Three geographical and five numerical examples. (8)

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Lot 234
235.Met Electric Tramways
The Metropolitan Electric Tramways. 1904-1933. A variety of examples, four differing designs and various values. (15)

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Lot 235
236.R Nash
London Independent Operators. R Nash, a variety of examples. (10)

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Lot 236
237.London United Tramways
London United Tramways. 1894-1933, varying designs. (20)

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Lot 237
238.Grays Ltd
London Independent Operators. Grays Ltd. All different examples. (9)

View Lot 238
Lot 238
239.Henslowe Bus Co
London Independent Operators. Henslowe Bus Co Ltd. Different examples. (10)

View Lot 239
Lot 239
240.London Independents 1920s
London Independent Bus Operators. 1920s, all different, as shown, also Imperial, Newstead, Poppy, RA, Bennett. (10)

View Lot 240
Lot 240
241.London Horse Bus Assoc
London Horse Bus Association tickets, from a variety of routes. (20)

View Lot 241
Lot 241
242.North Met Tramways
North Metropolitan Tramways Co. Including an early 'All The Way' Whiting print. (20)

View Lot 242
Lot 242
243.BR Southern Region

View Lot 243
Lot 243
244.District, Met, Met & GC

View Lot 244
Lot 244
245.GWR South Wales

View Lot 245
Lot 245
246.BR Transitional

View Lot 246
Lot 246
247.GWR Mainly Wales

View Lot 247
Lot 247
248.LSW / SR / BR Southern

View Lot 248
Lot 248
249.Southern Variety

View Lot 249
Lot 249
250.BR South Wales

View Lot 250
Lot 250
251.LSW&LCD, LBSC, etc.

View Lot 251
Lot 251
252.GWR Pre-Nat

View Lot 252
Lot 252
253.Isle of Wight, 2nd & Cabin

View Lot 253
Lot 253
254.LBSCR, Selham, Midhurst

View Lot 254
Lot 254
255.Early NBR, Berwick-Ayton
North British Railway. A rare item, this is one of the first tickets printed for the company's service to Berwick that commenced on 22 June 1846. These tickets were printed in sheets by Gellatly of Edinburgh and cut for issue; collectors will be more familiar with the similar yellow tickets that included the coach journey onward to Newcastle.

View Lot 255
Lot 255

View Lot 256
Lot 256
257.South America
South American Edmondsons. FC Antofagasta a Bolivia (4), FC Longitudinal (Chile - 2), FC del Estado (Chile - 7) and FC Central (Peru - 12). Almost all genuinely issued, 1940s onwards.

View Lot 257
Lot 257
258.Wrexham, Mold & C Quay

View Lot 258
Lot 258
259.Stamford and Essendine Rly Half
Stamford & Essendine Railway. A first class return half from this short branch company which was worked by the GNR from 1 February 1872. It may be from that date that use of the S&E title on tickets ceased.

View Lot 259
Lot 259
260.GNR London

View Lot 260
Lot 260
261.Plymouth, Devonport & SW Jct

View Lot 261
Lot 261
262.LSWR Midhurst, Elsted

View Lot 262
Lot 262
263.IOW Central, Cowes

View Lot 263
Lot 263
264.GWR West Country

View Lot 264
Lot 264

View Lot 265
Lot 265
266.Midland Railway

View Lot 266
Lot 266
267.Lee on the Solent Railway

View Lot 267
Lot 267
268.BR, Scottish

View Lot 268
Lot 268
269.GWR Wood Lane Exhibition, etc.

View Lot 269
Lot 269
270.Norfolk & Suffolk Joint

View Lot 270
Lot 270
271.Isle of Wight Central

View Lot 271
Lot 271
272.Shropshire & Montgomery

View Lot 272
Lot 272
273.BR, Western

View Lot 273
Lot 273
274.LBSC York Road, Grosvenor Road

View Lot 274
Lot 274
275.GC & Mid Joint

View Lot 275
Lot 275
276.Met Electric Trams
Metropolitan Electric Trams. 1904-1933. (10).

View Lot 276
Lot 276
277.North Met Trams
North Metropolitan Tramways. 1870-1896. (10).

View Lot 277
Lot 277
278.London United Trams
London United Tramways Co. 1894-1933. (10).

View Lot 278
Lot 278
279.LCC Trams
LCC Tramways. Early returns and one Exchange ticket. (14)

View Lot 279
Lot 279
280.LCC + LPTB Trams
LCC & LPTB Tramways. All day and evening tourist tickets. 1925-1939 (14). Also three cheap fares. (Total 17)

View Lot 280
Lot 280
281.LPTB Trams, East and West Ham
LPTB tram tickets issued in the former East and West Ham areas. (12)

View Lot 281
Lot 281
282.LCC (North Met) Trams
LCC Tramways. Early issues c. 1900 in North Metropolitan Tramways Co design. (11)

View Lot 282
Lot 282
283.LPTB Trams inc Workman
LPTB Tramways. Twelve Workman's returns and twelve ordinary returns. (24)

View Lot 283
Lot 283
284.Croydon Corp & Lee Joint
Croydon Corporation & LCC Joint Services. Routes 16 / 18. (12)

View Lot 284
Lot 284
285.London & Provincial Trams
London and Provincial tram tickets including Perth, Walsall, Plymouth, Swansea and Gateshead and a good variety of other examples. (40)

View Lot 285
Lot 285
286.London General & Assoc
London General. Fifty LGOC together with fifty further examples with the addition of "Associated Companies" to the title. (106)

View Lot 286
Lot 286
287.London General Country Services
London General Country Services. Four tickets from the first series with A block numbers, an Exchange ticket and others with values up to 1/-. (16)

View Lot 287
Lot 287
London. Punch tickets. Sixteen LGOC and a further twelve LPTB. (28)

View Lot 288
Lot 288
289.LGOC Service 31
LGOC. A variety of tickets from Service 31 c. 1920. (12)

View Lot 289
Lot 289
290.London Road Variety
A small collection of mainly London road tickets including LGOC, Met Tramways and LUT Trams. (48)

View Lot 290
Lot 290
291.Glasgow Corp Tram / Bus
Glasgow Corporation tram and bus tickets including seventeen geographical examples, two of which have the Tram title. (52)

View Lot 291
Lot 291
292.Liverpool Corp Tram / Bus
Liverpool Corporation tram and bus tickets including some early Bell Punch and Punch And Ticket prints from before the Corporation installed their own printing equipment. (50)

View Lot 292
Lot 292
293.London Tram / Trolleybus / Bus
London tram, trolleybus and bus tickets, mostly longer examples. (84)

View Lot 293
Lot 293
294.North Wales Independents
North Wales Independents. Pre-war Punch tickets. Llandudno Coaching and Carriage Co Ltd (5), North Wales Silver Motors Ltd (3), Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway Ltd (2). (Total 10)

View Lot 294
Lot 294
295.Warrington Corp Transport
Warrington Corporation Transport. Pre-war and early post-war Punch tickets. (12)

View Lot 295
Lot 295
296.B'ham Corp + Midland Red
Birmingham Corporation tram tickets. Birmingham Corporation Tramways (so titled) (4), Birmingham Corporation Tramways & Omnibus Department (6). All pre-war Bell Punch Uxbridge blocks. Also Midland Red Punch tickets, all pre-war Bell Punch Uxbridge blocks, two-section composites (13), singles (7), Exchanges (5). (Total 35)

View Lot 296
Lot 296
297.Nat Steam Car Co
National Steam Car Co Ltd. Early 20th Century Punch tickets, two numerical stage examples and nine Fareboard. (11)

View Lot 297
Lot 297
298.Biss Brothers
London Independent. Biss Brothers, six numerical and eight geographical issues. (14)

View Lot 298
Lot 298
299.Express / Chocolate Express
London Independent. Express / Chocolate Express. (16)

View Lot 299
Lot 299
300.London Independents B & C
London Independents. Burlington, Clarendon, Cambrian, CC, Central, Chariot, Claremont, Brickwood, British Lion, Cleveland. (10)

View Lot 300
Lot 300
301.London Independents E, F, G
London Independents. Gordon, Empire, Albert Ewer, Grays, Empress, Hawklove, Petrol Electric, Fleet, Enterprise, Havelock. (10)

View Lot 301
Lot 301
302.East Surrey Traction
East Surrey Traction Co. Fourteen whole tickets, also four return stubs. (18)

View Lot 302
Lot 302
303.London General, Services 45/46
London General. Services 44 & 45. Examples from 1912 onwards. (53)

View Lot 303
Lot 303
304.London General, Service 51
London General. Service 51. A variety. (40)

View Lot 304
Lot 304
305.London General, Service 52
London General Omnibus Co. Service 52. A variety. (21)

View Lot 305
Lot 305
306.Assoc Horse Bus
London "Association" Horse Bus Tickets. Condition varies. (24)

View Lot 306
Lot 306
307.LPTB Coaches D Services
LPTB Coaches. D Series returns. (14)

View Lot 307
Lot 307
308.Birch Bros Numerical
London Independent. Birch Brothers Ltd. Numerical examples. (23)

View Lot 308
Lot 308
309.Bennett & Co
London Independent. A T Bennett & Co. Six numerical and ten geographical examples. (16)

View Lot 309
Lot 309
310.Premier Omnibus
Premier Omnibus Co. Thirteen geographical and three numerical issues. (16)

View Lot 310
Lot 310
311.LPTB Fareboard
LPTB Fareboard bus tickets. Services 602, 603, 604, 608. (Total 18)

View Lot 311
Lot 311
312.London Independents A-B, 10 Different Companies
London Independents. A T Bennett, Beattie, Beattie and Beattie, Alberta, ATM, Admiral, Ambassador, Alma, Allery & Bernard, Allens. (10)

View Lot 312
Lot 312
313.South Met + West Ham Trams
South Metropolitan Tramways, ten examples. Also fourteen tickets from West Ham Corporation Tramways. (24)

View Lot 313
Lot 313
314.Met Electric Trams
Metropolitan Electric Tramways, including four North Met. Mostly numerical examples, some imperfect. (15)

View Lot 314
Lot 314
315.London United Trams
London United Tramways. Numerical examples, including some from the First World War era. (32)

View Lot 315
Lot 315
316.LCC Trams
LCC Trams. Effra Road Codes 31 and 32. Services 66 and 68, etc. (Total 41)

View Lot 316
Lot 316
317.LCC Trams
LCC Tramways. Effra Road Code 27. Services 58, etc. (32)

View Lot 317
Lot 317
318.LPTB Fareboard, Services 242, 244
LPTB Fareboard issues. Services 242 - 244. (31)

View Lot 318
Lot 318
319.LPTB Fareboard, Services 284-289
LPTB Fareboard issues. Services 284 - 289. (21)

View Lot 319
Lot 319
320.LPTB Fareboard, Services 254-273
LPTB Fareboard issues. Services 254 - 273. (17)

View Lot 320
Lot 320
321.LPTB Fareboard, Services 198-202 / 213
LPTB Fareboard bus tickets. Examples from routes 198, 199, 200, 201, 202 and 213. (50)

View Lot 321
Lot 321
322.LPTB Trams, Services 34 / 66
LPTB Trams. Effra Road Code 15. Services 34 / 66. A few examples damaged. (106)

View Lot 322
Lot 322
323.LPTB Trams, Numerical
LPTB Trams. Numerical examples from former company tramways. (62)

View Lot 323
Lot 323
324.LPTB Trams, Walthamstow
LPTB Trams. Walthamstow Area. (24)

View Lot 324
Lot 324
325.LPTB Trams, West Ham
LPTB Trams. West Ham area with Effra Road Codes WH and 83. (50)

View Lot 325
Lot 325
326.LPTB Trams, Variety
LPTB Trams. A variety from Effra Road Code 53, including ordinary and workman's returns. Some examples damaged. (59)

View Lot 326
Lot 326
327.LPTB Trams
LPTB Trams. A variety from Effra Road Codes 41 and 43. Some examples damaged. (c. 60)

View Lot 327
Lot 327
328.Maryport and Carlisle 2nd
Maryport & Carlisle Railway. A second class single from Aspatria to Leegate, probably printed in the 1860s although not issued until 1900.

View Lot 328
Lot 328
329.London & India Dock Co

View Lot 329
Lot 329
330.Vale of Clwyd Ry

View Lot 330
Lot 330
331.NBR, Bonnington, Morningside

View Lot 331
Lot 331
332.LYR Early Singles

View Lot 332
Lot 332
333.North Staffs Rly, Types

View Lot 333
Lot 333
334.BR Ex Highland

View Lot 334
Lot 334

View Lot 335
Lot 335
336.Indian, Inc Darjeeling

View Lot 336
Lot 336
337.LBSCR To Singleton, etc.

View Lot 337
Lot 337
338.Denbigh Ruthin, Unusual Types

View Lot 338
Lot 338
339.North Eastern Rly

View Lot 339
Lot 339
340.Indian Railways

View Lot 340
Lot 340
341.Caledonian Types

View Lot 341
Lot 341
342.Isle of Wight Central

View Lot 342
Lot 342
343.South Eastern Untitled + Types

View Lot 343
Lot 343
344.GWR / BR West Country

View Lot 344
Lot 344
345.East Kent Railway

View Lot 345
Lot 345
346.Furness Railway

View Lot 346
Lot 346
347.LNW, Bucks, etc.

View Lot 347
Lot 347

View Lot 348
Lot 348
349.Southern Types

View Lot 349
Lot 349
350.LNWR Types

View Lot 350
Lot 350
351.GWR Seasons
Also, Grimes Hill & Wythall Platform, Monmouth Troy, Limpley Stoke, Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Wellington (Som), Starcross, Kingswear, Brixham. (12)

View Lot 351
Lot 351
352.Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight Central Railway. The lot includes a child weekly season ticket covering travel by all trains over the lines of the IoWC, Freshwater Yarmouth & Newport and Newport Godshill & St. Lawrence Railways; a map showing availability is printed on the back.

View Lot 352
Lot 352
353.Isle of Wight Central

View Lot 353
Lot 353
354.S&DJR, Glastonbury 1st, etc.

View Lot 354
Lot 354
355.GW&GC and other Seasons
Also, a variety of further Met & GC, Met & LNE and GW & GC seasons, mostly issued. (24)

View Lot 355
Lot 355
356.GWR Seasons
Also, Wheatley, Wallingford, Aldermaston, Bedwyn, Kintbury, Newbury, Cholsey & Moulsford, West Ealing to Post Office, Pangbourne. (12)

View Lot 356
Lot 356
China / Hong Kong. Five China Government Railway subtitled Canton Kowloon Section, all dated 1938, thirteen from the Kowloon Canton Railway - British Section, all from local Hong Kong services, dating from the late 1940s onwards. Also three non-Edmondson tickets from Guangzhoe and Dongguan (both in mainland China) to Kowloon, issued 1987-2007. Front and back shown for four tickets. (21)

View Lot 357
Lot 357
358.China Pictorial
Far East magnetic card tickets mainly from Metro systems. Eleven examples from Hong Kong MTR, four from Singapore and five from Kualalumpur. (20)

View Lot 358
Lot 358
Taiwan. Edmondsons, all believed to date from the late 1950s / early 1960s. Year of issue shown in Taiwanese format. All different types. The front and back of each ticket shown. (6)

View Lot 359
Lot 359
360.GWR Seasons
Also, Yeovil Pen Mill, Dunster, Castle Cary, Sandford & Banwell, Box, Cheltenham Spa (St James), Wootton Bassett. (20)

View Lot 360
Lot 360
361.LBSC / SER / SR Seasons
Also, similar Southern Railway season for London Termini and Knockholt 1923 and SECR London Termini and Bromley 1923 (damaged). (4)

View Lot 361
Lot 361
362.Corris Punch Ticket

View Lot 362
Lot 362
363.Isle of Wight, Service Return

View Lot 363
Lot 363
364.Sand Hutton Light

View Lot 364
Lot 364
365.Great Northern Seasons

View Lot 365
Lot 365
366.Col Stephens Lines Pass

View Lot 366
Lot 366
367.Monmouthshire Rly Pass 1865
Monmouthshire Railway & Canal Company. An all stations free pass from 1863 in a leatherette-backed folder, printed with an abbreviated title. The company was absorbed into the GWR on 1 August 1880.

View Lot 367
Lot 367
368.Liverpool Overhead pass

View Lot 368
Lot 368
369.Swindon, Marlborough & Andover Opening
Swindon. Marlborough & Andover Railway. An invitation ticket for the opening day of the line between Swindon and Andover on 3 February 1883, with the special timetable printed on the back.

View Lot 369
Lot 369
370.Jersey Rly Pass 1872
Jersey Railway. A first class season ticket of 1872 in a leatherette-backed folder.

View Lot 370
Lot 370
371.LNWR Road Motor
London & North Western Railway. An Edmondson road motor ticket for the route between Holyhead and Rhoscolyn that operated from 25 August 1913 to 17 April 1915.

View Lot 371
Lot 371
372.Isle of Wight Cheap Ticket

View Lot 372
Lot 372
373.LNWR Hunting Season

View Lot 373
Lot 373
374.Underground Companies Seasons
Also, seasons, City & South London, Metropolitan, Met & GW, etc. Mostly issued. (13)

View Lot 374
Lot 374
375.Leeds and Thirsk Rly Pass 1853
Leeds & Thirsk Railway. A paper free ticket from the company that changed its name to Leeds Northern Railway on 3 July 1851.

View Lot 375
Lot 375
376.South Wales Rly Pass
South Wales Railway. A paper free pass for a journey from Gloucester to Cardiff issued in 1859. The company was amalgamated into the GWR with effect from 1 August 1863.

View Lot 376
Lot 376
377.Bodmin & Wadebridge Excn
Bodmin & Wadebridge Railway. A large card excursion ticket dated for use in 1854. The company was absorbed by the L&SWR in 1886, when it closed for reconstruction.

View Lot 377
Lot 377
378.Southern Railway

View Lot 378
Lot 378
379.LYR & LNW Joint

View Lot 379
Lot 379
380.LNER, Luton, Dunstable Area

View Lot 380
Lot 380
381.North British

View Lot 381
Lot 381
382.MSLR Manchester - KX

View Lot 382
Lot 382

View Lot 383
Lot 383
384.GWR West Country

View Lot 384
Lot 384
385.GER Essex

View Lot 385
Lot 385
386.LSWR West of Exeter

View Lot 386
Lot 386
387.GNR KX - Cambs

View Lot 387
Lot 387
388.Festiniog, Issued

View Lot 388
Lot 388
389.LSWR & LCDR Joint

View Lot 389
Lot 389
390.Maryport and Carlisle

View Lot 390
Lot 390
391.Colne Valley, White Colne

View Lot 391
Lot 391
392.East London Rly

View Lot 392
Lot 392
393.Isle of Wight Rly Officer

View Lot 393
Lot 393
394.BR Glasgow & Area, Closed

View Lot 394
Lot 394
395.Midland & South Western Jc

View Lot 395
Lot 395
396.LDEC Spink Hill

View Lot 396
Lot 396
397.Dumbarton & Balloch Jt

View Lot 397
Lot 397
398.South Eastern Railway

View Lot 398
Lot 398
399.Highland Railway

View Lot 399
Lot 399
400.North London Rly, Types

View Lot 400
Lot 400
401.GC&NS Joint + OA&GB

View Lot 401
Lot 401
402.Isle of Wight Rly, Mail Cart

View Lot 402
Lot 402
403.Midland, Heath Park Halt, etc.

View Lot 403
Lot 403
404.GER, Forty Hill
Great Eastern Railway. A third class single from Forty Hill to Churchbury dated 2 September 1909, a month before closure of both stations on 1 October. They re-opened on 1 March 1915 to close finally on 1 July 1919.

View Lot 404
Lot 404
405.BR, Eastern

View Lot 405
Lot 405
406.LNWR St Helens

View Lot 406
Lot 406

View Lot 407
Lot 407
408.GW&LSW Portland Branch

View Lot 408
Lot 408
409.SER Officer's Ticket, etc.

View Lot 409
Lot 409
410.London Area Pre Group

View Lot 410
Lot 410
411.BR Mainly LM

View Lot 411
Lot 411
412.LNWR, Early Type Singles

View Lot 412
Lot 412
413.Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales

View Lot 413
Lot 413
414.Southern, West London

View Lot 414
Lot 414
415.Scottish Pre Group / Pre Nat

View Lot 415
Lot 415
416.London, Chatham & Dover Rly

View Lot 416
Lot 416
417.GWR Pre-Nat

View Lot 417
Lot 417
418.North British

View Lot 418
Lot 418
419.Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales

View Lot 419
Lot 419
420.North London Rly, Old Ford, etc.

View Lot 420
Lot 420
421.GWR, West London

View Lot 421
Lot 421
422.North West Pre Group

View Lot 422
Lot 422
423.London, Tilbury & Southend

View Lot 423
Lot 423
424.Southern Railway, Variety

View Lot 424
Lot 424
425.GER & LNER

View Lot 425
Lot 425
426.SER / SECR

View Lot 426
Lot 426

View Lot 427
Lot 427
428.Platforms, SR

View Lot 428
Lot 428
429.Platforms, LNER

View Lot 429
Lot 429

View Lot 430
Lot 430

View Lot 431
Lot 431
432.Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith

View Lot 432
Lot 432
433.LNWR Northants, etc.

View Lot 433
Lot 433
434.GNSR, Park, etc.

View Lot 434
Lot 434
435.LNWR Early Singles

View Lot 435
Lot 435
436.London, Tilbury & Southend

View Lot 436
Lot 436
437.GWR, SR Portland Branch

View Lot 437
Lot 437
438.Liverpool St Helens & South Lancs

View Lot 438
Lot 438
439.North British

View Lot 439
Lot 439
440.LSWR, Fordingbridge, etc.

View Lot 440
Lot 440
441.North Staffs Rly

View Lot 441
Lot 441
442.Southern Rly Sussex

View Lot 442
Lot 442
443.Highland Rly

View Lot 443
Lot 443
444.BR Western, Glos, Avon, etc.

View Lot 444
Lot 444
445.MSLR, Leverton

View Lot 445
Lot 445
446.SMJR Towcester, etc.

View Lot 446
Lot 446
447.SER, Addiscombe Road

View Lot 447
Lot 447
448.Lancs & Yorks

View Lot 448
Lot 448
449.Cleator & Workington

View Lot 449
Lot 449
450.BR Edinburgh Area, Closed

View Lot 450
Lot 450
451.GWR Variety

View Lot 451
Lot 451
452.BR Scottish Closed

View Lot 452
Lot 452
453.Lynton & Barnstaple, Mail Cart

View Lot 453
Lot 453
454.Preston & Wyre, Excess

View Lot 454
Lot 454
455.Woodstock Railway
Woodstock Railway. A second class single from Blenheim & Woodstock to Oxford. The company was absorbed by the GWR on 1 July 1897.

View Lot 455
Lot 455
456.LSWR Hants

View Lot 456
Lot 456
457.Midland Rly, Theatricals

View Lot 457
Lot 457
458.North British

View Lot 458
Lot 458
459.BR Scottish Borders

View Lot 459
Lot 459
460.Furness Railway

View Lot 460
Lot 460

View Lot 461
Lot 461
462.GWR Variety

View Lot 462
Lot 462
463.Hundred of Manhood / Selsey

View Lot 463
Lot 463
464.Cornwall Railway
Cornwall Railway. A second class single from Falmouth to St. Ives. The company was leased to the GWR until absorption on 1 July 1889.

View Lot 464
Lot 464
465.Southwold Railway

View Lot 465
Lot 465

View Lot 466
Lot 466
467.LSWR Surrey / M'sex

View Lot 467
Lot 467
468.S&ECR Blackheath Hill, etc.

View Lot 468
Lot 468
469.Weston, Clevedon & Portishead

View Lot 469
Lot 469
470.LNWR, Oxford - Cambs

View Lot 470
Lot 470
471.Liskeard & Looe Rly

View Lot 471
Lot 471
472.GNSR Articles, Varying Condition

View Lot 472
Lot 472
473.North Eastern Railway

View Lot 473
Lot 473

View Lot 474
Lot 474
475.Portsmouth Joint Line

View Lot 475
Lot 475

Text Descriptions for Lots 476 - 573 View Listing Page
476 BR Edmondson tickets, etc.
A large tray of BR Edmondson tickets and NCR 21s, together with a box of BR free passes.
477 Platform tickets
Platform tickets. AA issues comprising BR / BTC, 1d and 2d issues without diamond and BTC / BRB issues with red diamond. (Approx. 320)
478 North and South America
North and South America. A selection of Edmondsons and thin paper tickets, all appear issued. (Approx. 70)
479 BR Issues inc closed, pre-nat
A small biscuit tin containing a variety of BR issues, including closed stations, several pre-nat and pre-group also noted.
480 NCR 21s and Multiprinters
NCR 21s and Multiprinters. A plastic crate full, contained in sleeves.
481 Platform tickets
Platform tickets. BRB unpriced, red diamond (86). Also green diamond examples. (Approx. 200)
482 South America
South America, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay. A good selection of Edmondsons, most appear issued. (Approx. 80)
483 Aptis and other types
A box containing a quantity of Aptis tickets and a variety of other types.
484 Platform tickets
Platform tickets. A large quantity of BR, pre-nat, Edmondson and machine issues. (800+)
485 LNER season tickets
LNER season tickets, first second and third class. A good variety of issued and unissued examples. (111)
486 Audit tickets, Meon Valley, Bordon, Tidworth
A collection of audit tickets, including a large number of BR and SR from the Meon Valley Line, also Bordon and GWR from Tidworth. (300+)
487 Pre-grouping paper
Pre-grouping paper tickets, Met & GC, SEC, Met, GN, Taff Vale, etc. (28)
488 BR Edmondsons, banana box
BR Edmondsons. A substantial quantity in plastic sleeves, filling a banana box.
489 LMS season tickets
LMS season tickets, first, second and third class, the majority issued. (131)
490 Edmondson, Africa, Middle East
Edmondson selection, Africa, Middle East, New Zealand, USA, including ten platform tickets from various continents. Mostly issued. (64)
491 Platform Tickets
Platform tickets. Edmondson and AA issues, a good variety including pre and post nationalisation. (Approx. 200)
492 Platform Tickets
Platform tickets. BR unpriced, preserved lines, Aptis, etc. (1500+)
493 GWR Season
GWR season tickets, mostly issued. (64)
494 Edmondson Tickets (shoe box)
A shoe box containing a good quantity of Edmondson tickets of varying ages and some paper examples.
495 End of Collection Pullman, Midland Seasons, BR Edmondsons
A small end of collection variety, including Pullman Car tickets 1920s and 1930s, Midland Railway seasons, also LNER and BR Edmondsons.
496 Multiprinters, around 1000
Multiprinters. A carton containing around 1000 tickets.
497 Holiday Runabout Tickets and Similar
Holiday Runabout tickets and similar, including Railway Executive and BTC issues, as well as later BRB. A good number in GWR and SR style noted. (152)
498 BR Audit Tickets, Some GW
A file of mainly BR audit tickets, Western Region, some GW examples noted. Also, seasons, minor lines and a receipt book GWR Liverpool Goods.
499 European Edmondsons
European Edmondsons, including examples from France, Czech, Belgium, Hungary. (Approx. 100)
500 Preserved Lines (large carton)
Preserved lines. A large carton of tickets in plastic sleeves, together with a shoe box of similar items.
501 Season Tickets
Season tickets. Railway Executive and BTC, a large number in pre-nationalisation style. (219)
502 London Transport Geographical Punch
London Transport Buses. A box containing geographical Punch tickets with large value overprints from routes 34 to 88 sorted in route order, all different prints. A good proportion of middle and higher value fares and early examples. (1000+)
503 Pre-Grouping Paper (a quantity)
Pre-grouping paper tickets, including Stockton and Darlington, Hull and Barnsley, MSL, etc. (A quantity)
504 Pre-Nat Edmondsons
Pre-nat Edmondson tickets, a good variety. (800+)
505 Holiday Runabout Tickets
BTC and BRB Holiday Runabout tickets and similar. Issued and audit examples. (128)
LPTB / LT. A variety of mainly Edmondson rail travel tickets, the majority issued. (35)
507 British and Overseas (shoe box)
A shoe box containing a variety of British and overseas tickets, some pre-nat travel and platforms noted.
508 Season Tickets, GWR and other Pre-Nat (quantity)
Season tickets. A substantial quantity, including some GWR and other pre-nat and a wide variety of BR types.
509 Season Tickets
Season tickets. BTC and BRB, including some Day Rovers and Capital Cards. (180)
510 Overseas, Algeria, Angola, Australia
A loose leaf pocket album containing several hundred overseas railway tickets, many unissued. Includes Algeria, Angola, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Ceylon, etc.
511 London Transport Buses, Routes 1 - 88
London Transport Buses. A plastic tub of geographical Punch tickets with small value overprints from routes 1 - 88 sorted in route order, all different prints. (1000+)
512 Half Tickets (large quantity)
Half tickets. A large quantity of pre-nat and BR issues.
513 Season Tickets
Season tickets. Mostly BRB. (152)
514 Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight. A small quantity of Edmondson tickets, SR and BR, also Isle of Wight Railway Ventnor to Wroxhall 1922 with corner damage. (Approx. 40)
515 Platform Tickets
BR / BTC Edmondson platform tickets. A box of approx. 150.
516 Platform Tickets, in plastic sleeves
Platform tickets. A quantity of BRB unpriced, Aptis, preserved and overseas examples, contained in plastic sleeves.
517 GWR Paper Tickets
A quantity of GWR paper tickets, together with a selection of season tickets.
518 Bournemouth West and Central
Bournemouth West and Central. A collection of BR and SR travel and platform tickets. Also, seat reservations (7). (Approx. 100)
519 Miscellaneous Ferry, Toll, Admission
A box of miscellaneous tickets, including ferry, toll, admission, flying tickets Croydon Aerodrome 1930s, Belle Vue Miniature Railway, Manx Electric, Romney Hythe, etc.
520 Aptis Tickets, banana box
Aptis tickets. A collection mounted in plastic sleeves, the quantity fills a banana box.
521 Edmondsons, Travel Agencies
BR Edmondson tickets, all from travel agencies, including non-issues. (Approx. 80)
522 Overseas Rail Paper
Overseas rail paper tickets, including examples from Mexico, Panama, USA, Italy and Canada. (100+)
523 Box of Miscellaneous Tickets
A small box of miscellaneous tickets, including a number of luggage labels.
524 GWR Whole and Half Tickets
GWR whole and half tickets. A good quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
525 Large Quantity of Tickets
A large quantity of tickets of varying types.
526 Pre-Grouping Edmondsons
Pre-grouping Edmondsons. A wide variety of issued and audit. (Approx. 200)
527 Far East Edmondsons
Far East Edmondsons, including examples from Thailand, Indonesia, Subah, Malaysia and Cambodia. (45)
528 Paper Tickets, Pre-Group, GWR, BR
Paper tickets. A banana box containing a wide variety, some pre-group, GWR, BR, Aptis, etc.
529 Large Quantity of Edmondson Tickets
A large quantity of mainly Edmondson tickets.
530 Pre-Nat Joint Lines, several hundred
Pre-nat joint lines. Several hundred, mainly audit tickets from a wide variety of companies.
531 Platform, SNCF, India, Far East
Platform tickets, SNCF, India, Far East. (100+)
532 Underground, LPTB, LT
Underground companies, also LPTB and LT. A substantial quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
533 Large Quantity of Edmondson Tickets
A large quantity of Edmondson tickets, also seasons and paper.
534 Railmotor Tickets
Railmotor tickets. A good quantity, predominantly BR(W).
535 India and Far East Edmondsons
India and Far East Edmondsons. A good variety, including several older tickets from the Great Indian Peninsula Railway. (Approx. 70)
536 LMS Whole and Half
LMS whole and half tickets. A substantial quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
537 Large Quantity of Edmondson Tickets
A large quantity of Edmondson tickets, predominantly Irish.
538 End of Collection Album
End of collection remnants in album, mainly minor companies, Irish and preservation.
539 BR Edmondsons, NCR 21s
A good quantity of tickets including BR Edmondsons, NCR 21s, platforms, foreign, LNER London Area, paper, etc.
540 Pre-Grouping Whole and Half Tickets
Pre-grouping whole and half tickets. A substantial quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
541 BR and Other Edmondson Tickets
A large quantity of BR and other Edmondson tickets.
542 Edmondson Tickets, BR, LT, Ireland
A quantity of Edmondson tickets, BR, LT, Ireland, preserved, etc. contained in chocolate tin.
543 Miscellaneous Paper Tickets (shoe box)
A shoe box of miscellaneous paper tickets, including overseas examples.
544 Irish and Overseas Edmondsons
Irish and overseas, mainly Edmondsons. A substantial quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
545 Large Quantity of Edmondson and Paper Tickets
A large quantity of Edmondson and paper tickets.
546 European Edmondsons
European Edmondsons from all parts of the continent, many from the 1920s and after. (Approx. 70)
547 Season Tickets inc Midland 1923
Season tickets, including Midland 1923, Caly Steam Packet Any Pier and other pre-nat, pre-group examples including North Eastern leather. (Approx. 25)
548 BR Edmondsons
BR whole Edmondsons. A substantial quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
549 Large Quantity of Edmondson Tickets
A large quantity of Edmondson tickets.
550 Mainly Paper and Road (shoe box)
A shoe box containing mainly paper and road tickets.
551 Overseas Paper Tickets
Overseas mainly paper tickets, including Arras and Vimy weekly ticket noted to have been picked up in the trenches during World War I, F C de la Dorada and others. (Quantity)
552 BR Edmondsons, Charters, Car Parking
A box containing BR Edmondsons. Also charters, car parking, Ultimatics and halves.
553 Edmondson and Paper Tickets
A large quantity of Edmondson and paper tickets.
554 Bus, Africa, Kenya, New Zealand
A small selection of bus tickets, South Africa, Kenya, New Zealand, etc. (30)
555 Aptis Tickets (shoe box)
A shoe box containing Aptis tickets, brochures, etc.
556 Southern Whole and Half Tickets
Southern Railway whole and half tickets. A substantial quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
557 Edmondson, Paper, NCR 21s
A large quantity of Edmondson and paper tickets, some NCR 21s noted.
558 African Edmondsons
African Edmondsons, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Ethiopia and Gold Coast noted. (40)
559 Provincial and London Bus
An album of provincial and London bus tickets, including some TTS material.
560 LNER Whole and Half Tickets
LNER whole and half tickets. A substantial quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
561 Edmondsons and Paper Tickets
A large quantity of Edmondson and paper tickets.
562 LNER Edmondsons
LNER Edmondsons, issued and audit. (Approx. 500)
563 Mainly Edmondson Tickets (shoe box)
A shoe box containing mainly foreign Edmondson and small paper tickets.
564 BR Edmondsons
BR, mainly whole Edmondsons. A substantial quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
565 Edmondson and Paper, Aptis
A large quantity of Edmondson and paper tickets. A number of Aptis noted.
566 Road tickets (quantity)
A miscellaneous lot of mainly road tickets. (Quantity)
567 Platform Tickets, AA and Beam Issues, No Red Diamond
Platform tickets. A large quantity of AA and Beam issues, the vast majority of the BR have no red diamond, some pre-nat examples noted.
568 BR Edmondsons
BR, mainly whole Edmondsons. A substantial quantity contained in plastic sleeves.
569 Paper Tickets inc Aptis (shoe box)
A shoe box containing mainly paper tickets, including a quantity of Aptis.
570 LMS and SR Edmondsons
LMS and SR Edmondsons. (Approx. 150)
571 London and Provincial Road Tickets
A variety of London and provincial road tickets, some dating from the early 1900s. (Approx. 150)
572 Season Tickets, BR, GWR
Season tickets. A large quantity of BR and some GWR and other pre-nat noted. Mainly contained in plastic sleeves.
573 Season Tickets, NER, LNER Examples
Season tickets, NER Hull to Beverley 1912, also a good quantity of LNER examples.