Paddington Ticket Auction,
Special Coronavirus Postal Version

Sale Closing Date: 5:00pm on Tuesday, 19 May 2020

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Index of Tickets in Part 1

Axholme Joint, Haxey Jct1
GER Tidal Basin, etc.2-3
South Eastern Ry, Spa Road4
Midland, Twywell, etc.5-16
Southern, Mid Sussex17-32
North Eastern, Richmond33-40
LNWR, London Area41-60
Rhondda & Swansea Bay, etc.61-66
GNSR, Newmachar, etc.67-68
LBSCR, Mid Sussex69-80
Great Northern, North London81-88
London & India Docks89
LNER Exhibition Station95-100
BR, Isle of Wight101-120
LSWR Wilts, Hants121-128
Highland, GSW, NBR145-148
LNWR Early Types149-156
MSLR, Hyde Jc, etc.157-160
BR(Western), Bristol, Somerset161-188
LSWR, London Area189-200
GER, Types201-212
LNWR Lake Dis213-222
LNER, London Branches223-238
Wrexham, Mold & C Q239-240
Lancs & Yorks241-252
BR(S) Closed Sussex, Kent253-280
LMS, Scotland281-296
Isle of Wight Central297
Highland, Dingwall & Forres298-299
District, Mile End, 000300
BR Child Singles301-320
Glynn Valley Tramway321
Great Central Types331-336
Thetford & Watton337-340
BR, Eastern, Transitional341-360
London, Chatham & Dover361-372
GWR Types373-400
GNR, London Area410-420
North Staffs421-426
LSWR, Alum Bay & Totland427-428
SR Devon429-440
London, Tilbury & Southend441-456
Southern Variety457-472
Great Eastern, East London473-480
M&GN Joint, Issued489-508
LNWR, Oxford - Cambs509-520
LNWR, North Wales521-528
Southern, London Area529-548
North British, Types549-556
Shrop & Mont, Bishop Castle, etc.557-560
GNR, Home Counties561-572
LDEC Clowne573
London & India Dock Co574-575
Corris Railway576
Southern, Kent589-600
London & Birmingham Rly601
Isle of Wight Rly602-603
Nat Rifle Assoc, Bisley604
BR ex S&D Joint Line605-632
GWR to Met etc Stations633-640
LNER ex Ongar & Branch641-652
LSWR, Crewkerne, etc.653-662
East London Railway663-668
LMS, St Pancras-Luton Route669-680
SECR To Canterbury South, etc.6810688
Midland, Higham On The Hil689
Midland. Rothwell Bus690
BR Western Region691-720
SECR Joint Titles721-724
BR ex S&D Joint Line725-760
Vale of Rheido761
Millwall Docks Co762-763
London Companies764-772
BR South Wales773-790
GWR, Eardington, etc.791-799
MR Purfleet Rifle Range800
LNER Types801-816
Caradon Railway 1881817
Lancs & Yorks818-832
LSWR West London833-840
Met District, Mansion House841
Rye & Camber Tramway842-848
BR(S) Ken849-876
SR Transtional to Cocking877-880
European Early Types881-889
Highland, Blair Athole, etc.890-891
Peebles Railway892
GER Types893-904
Midland, London913-920
Port of London Authority921-924
GWR, Theatrical925-932
BR, West Midlands Area933-960
GCR Types961-966
LBSCR, Cuckoo Line967-972
BR(W) Transitional973-992
LSWR Hampshire993-1000
BR Southern Third Class Singles1001-1040
Sudan Railways1041-1057
LNW & Furness1058-1059
Freshwater, Yarmouth & Newport1060
Weston, Clevedon & Portishead1081-1085
BR North Eastern1086-1104
GWR Early Types1105-1110
G. North of Scotland, Oldmeldrum1111-1112
LBSCR West Brompton1113-1120
NER, Little Mill, etc.1121-1132
South Wales1151-1156
Furness Railway1157-1160
Minor Companies1161-1176
Southern, Types1177-1192
North London Railway1193-1200
Lynton & Barnstaple1213
SR Motor Car Service1214-1215
Port of London, Dog1216
Caledonian, Types1217-1224
Midland & South Western Jct1241-1248
North British Railway1267-1276
LSWR Early Types1277-1280
Colne Valley, Earls Colne1281
LBSC To Beeches Halt1282-1283
Garstang & Knott End1284
West Riding Railway1285-1292
Vale of Towy & Wales1293-1308
Southern, Isle of Wight1309-1320
GNR, GER, M&GN, etc.1321-1336
North London Rly1353-1360
Ireland, GNR, etc.1361-1372
BR Southern West Country Lines1373-1392
GWR & Met Joint1393-1400
Southern, Early Style1401-1412
Mersey Railway1413-1420
BR(S) Transitional1421-1440
South Eastern Railway, Untitled1441-1444
France C. F l'Est1445-1458
Highland Railway1459-1460
West Somerset Mineral Rly1461
GNR 1st Singles1462-1472
North London Railway1473-1480
LSWR, Rail & Coach, etc.1481-1484
BR Southern West Country1485-1504
Southern, Types1505-1516
Great North of Scotland1517-1520
LNWR Early Singles1521-1528
London, Chatham & Dover1529-1534
East India Railway1537-1552
SR, LBSC Types1553-1560
North British Railway1577-1584
BR Midland, Transitional1585-1600

Condition of Tickets

Condition Grading Codes

indicates that the ticket is in excellent/undamaged condition

indicates the ticket is in good condition with no noticeable defects

indicates the ticket has some wear or minor crease, although still presentable

indicates the ticket is in poor condition

indicates that the ticket has faded

for travel tickets: issued and dated example

for platform tickets: issued, the symbol indicates a dated example

Condition of the Back of Tickets, Mounting Damage

indicates that the back of the ticket is in good, undamaged condition

indicates that the back of a ticket has paper residue as a result of previous mounting, usually removable with care

indicates that the back of the ticket, including the back paper, has actual damage or loss

indicates that the back of the ticket is missing